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♥ Terms and Conditions ♥

before placing orders, please ensure that have read and understood the terms and  condition. thanks!

1. we entertain serious buyers only.

2. we are offering READY STOCK products. All items are 100% new.

3. first come first serve basis. payment must be done within 3 days after receive confirmation.

♥ 4. all reservation will be release automatically if payment is not done in 3 days 
after receive confirmation.

5. to place an order, kindly use the ORDER FORM.

6. all information provided to us will be deemed personal and will be kept confidential.

♥ 7. colours may be slightly different due to monitor settings and lighting of the photography.

♥ 8. all accessories are not included unless stated in the post.

♥ 9. all prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) before adding postage charges and non-negotiable

♥ 10. we accept payment via Maybank only. Details will be given in confirmation letter.

11. you can bank in or transfer the total amount (inclusive of postal charges) to our Maybank account. You can also make payment transfer via

12. once payment has been made, item is considered sold. items sold are not refundable, returnable or exchangeable. we ensure that items are subjected to strict check before delivery.

13. products will be delivered using only POSLAJU (West Malaysia - RM6-10, East Malaysia - RM9-13) and POS EKSPRESS (RM4-5) service for secured posting.

14. items will be delivered in 3 days time after transaction is confirmed. 

15. we are not responsible of any damage or lost during postage.

16. COD area are Sri Petaling, Kelana Jaya (only weekdays) and Jalan Ipoh (only weekend).

17. pls state clearly with the code given in the order form for any usage of redemption program and voucher.

18. please understand that we are all working adults, we might not able to reply your mail immediate but we will try to reply your mail asap.

19. we reserve the right to make changes on our site, policies and the terms and conditions at any point of time without any further notification.

feel free to drop us a mail for further inquiries at

if you did not get our reply within 24 hours please send us another message through mail, thanks!



1. 本店只的买家。

2. 本店提供预购。我们所的货品都是100全新的。

♥ 3. 本店行先到先得制。买家到订购确认信后的三天内付款。

♥ 4. 若买家没在发出确认信后的三天内付款,所有的预定将被取消。

5. 利用本店所提供的订购表格

♥ 6. 买家所提供的所有个资料将被机密系

♥ 7. 由于电脑屏幕与灯光影响货品的会看起来稍微见谅

♥ 8. 所有照上所是不被包括了货品资料上有特别

♥ 9. 所有货品是以马币交易买家在付款前须邮费。所有的价格是不许讨价的。

♥ 10. 本店只接受Maybank的付款。的资料将会清楚的写在订购确定信内。

11. 您可以将包括邮费到我们的可以通过 过账。

12. 买家付款后货品已当作售出。本店不接受任何退退货或货。我们将确定货品的是完好无缺才出货。

13. 我们只使POSLAJU(西 - RM6-10 - RM9-13)POS EKSPRESS(RM4-5于邮服务。

14. 货品将会在确定付款后的三天内寄出

15. 我们将不负责于所有在邮寄时发

16. 交服务只提供于Sri Petaling, Kelana Jaya (星期一至) Jalan Ipoh (周末)

17. 若要使用任何的回馈促销或礼券,请在订购表格内写明代码。

18. 请了解我们都有自己我们是不可能复您的我们会竭尽所能尽回复。


若有什么本店欢迎您过 向我们询问。

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